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Accounting and Bookkeeping

Three Layers of Profit

Mark hasn’t been out to the desert lately. He hasn’t had a chance to clear out a Bass Pro Shop in a long time. Heck, Mark has barely been home. He knows it, and his family feels it too. He’s putting in 70 to 80 hour weeks to make his business succeed. It’s like he’s damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t. Even when…

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3Rs of Bookkeeping

The kids are back in school, and now that the homelife, albeit crazy, has settled into a bit of a routine, you have nothing to do but work on your business, right? Wait, here comes your oldest with what looks like homework. Yep, your daughter needs help with her homework.   That’s okay, helping your daughter works well with what…

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The One Thing Home Service Pros Need to Win.

With so many things to do as a business owner, it is difficult to focus on all aspects of your business. Most of us start our businesses because of our core competencies, others because of a passion, and some for the glory. Maybe you are passionate about helping others, or you are excellent at the…

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